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6 Smart Home Products That Will Maximize Your Homes Functionality

February 19, 2019 | Savannah Francis

Want to maximize your homes efficiency? Here are 6 Smart Home products that will maximize your homes functionality.


1. Video Doorbell

"Knock, Knock", "Who's there?" Wait! You already know because you have a video doorbell! Companies like Ring, Nest, Skycell and Wisenet allow you to see who is at your door from anywhere. 




2. Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks allow user specific access to your home. While it wont make them any safer than a traditional lock it will allow you more control. The need to leave a key under the mat is long gone. 


3. Cameras

Want to keep an eye on your home from afar? Home security systems have come a long way. Many people are now opting for smaller WI-FI security cameras. Most can be accessed directly from your phone or tablet with a simple app. 




4. Generators

According to Lowe's, power outages often last for hours, days or even weeks, and they can be costly if you're not prepared. Hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms can disrupt our power supply system. But it's not just inclement weather that can turn the lights out. Curious animals, automobile accidents, human error and utility failures also can trigger a blackout. Investing in a standby generator or a portable generator can help make those power outages more manageable. 


5. Virtual Assistant

Whether you are an Amazon Alexa or Google Dot fan, they can help you out tremendously. The conspiracy theory behind them is that they are the governments way of keeping tabs on us. My theory is I have nothing to hide and I love being able to say "ALEXA..." Most smart home devises are also compatible with the virtual assistants. "Alexa, unlock my front door" or "Alexa, turn the lights on in the kitchen." 




6. Smart Lights

Smart lights can be either the light bulb itself or the actual hardwired system or plug. Connecting your home to a smart lighting system allows you to control your lighting system from anywhere. Because of their efficiency, smart lighting can also help you save money.