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Escrow Accounts: What You Need to Know

August 23, 2023 | Savannah Francis

When purchasing a home you may hear the word "escrow" being used frequently. And unless someone explains it, you may find yourself in the dark about what it exactly it is and what it is used for. 

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5 Ways to Neutralize Your Home When You Are Ready To Sell

January 15, 2019 | Savannah Francis

The idea of selling a home seems so easy. You list it, people come see it, they make offers and BOOM! SOLD! However, selling a home for top dollar takes some skill and preparation. 

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Turkey Day Tips

November 15, 2018 | Amber Henry

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone is in high gear preparing for family and friends. This can be a stressful time for many people so we have thrown together some tips to help make this thankful day a little easier on you!

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New-Homes Prices Are Down: Get One Before They Sell Out

Buyers frustrated by the soaring price tags attached to new homes finally got a bit of a break. Finally.

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21 Reasons For Title Insurance

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