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Selling? It's the Little Things

January 10, 2022 | Savannah Francis

Selling Its the Little Things (1)

Selling your home? In todays hot real estate market many sellers are listing their homes and receiving their first offers within 54 days. In some areas it can be as little as a week. With the current access to building supplies limited, ready to move in homes are in high demand. 

Sometimes in a sellers market, creating a buyer experience is lost. Creating a pleasant buyer experience will only aide you in selling faster as well as receiving top dollar. 


Here are a few easy last minute tips to help ensure your home shines. 


1. Open all blinds, curtains and drapes. Let the light in! In addition turn on all of your homes light before you leave. 


2. You may love your pup but your potential buyer may not. Some people will put their pets in a room and add a sign on the door that reads 'do not enter'. Potential buyers want to see it all, limiting access to a room is a huge turn off. Take your pets with you if you can. 


3. Get the heck out of there! Buyers don't want you lingering around. Talk about awkward. 


4. Wipe the counters. Kitchens sell homes and most women feel the space with their hands. Having crumbs and other ruminates left over from breakfast is not appealing. 


5. Clear the sink. Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher or clean dishes away.